Research Products

The ALHAMBRA Gold catalog


The ALHAMBRA Gold Catalogue (Molino et al. 2013) corresponds to a subsample of ~100k galaxies, photometrically complete down to a magnitud I=23 AB, covering a total area of 3 deg2, spread over 7 non-contiguous regions of the sky, with an on-target exposure time of ~32hrs.   

The catalogue provides PSF-corrected photometry for 20+4 bands and accurate photometric redshift estimations, with an expected error dz/1+z<0.012 and redshift probability distribution functions P(z) well described by a single Gaussian peak.

For a detailed explanation of the catalog and download instructions, please visit The ALHAMBRA Gold catalog page.


BPZ photometric redshift tool

The software below implements the Bayesian photometric redshift method described in Benitez 2000.


A new version 2.0 with new templates will be available soon. In the meantime you should probably download the version of the code modified and kept by my former PhD. student, Dan Coe.


Bayesian Cluster Finder

The Bayesian Cluster Finder (BCF) is a technique to detect galaxy clusters.  The method is able to determine the position, redshift and richness of the cluster through the maximization of a filter depending on galaxy luminosity, density and photometric redshift combined with a galaxy cluster prior that accounts for colour-magnitude relations and brightest cluster galaxy-redshift relation.

You can find the description of the method here. A public available version of the software will come soon.

The BCF has been applied to the CFHTLS-Archive Research Survey, the Deep Lens Survey (DLS), the ALHAMBRA Survey and the J-PAS.